Thursday, April 23, 2009


Let me introduce you the small little pop star at my house!!
my niece :)
She wear my sunglasses. cute righttt???
I feel that when small little kid use adult's things is very cute

pop star!!

okayy, she looks like a boy boy in below pics
because of her clothes laaaa
she is a G-I-R-L , kay?
many ppl said she looks like a boy
to me, she's cute and adorable :)

when we ask her to sayang us,
she will kiss us
or she will give us a hug
sweeet leeeee.

when we ask her to knock our heads with her head,

she will just do it
and give us her signature smile


when we ask where is papa;

where is mummy;
where is yeye ; where is nai nai ; where is xiao gu,
she will look around to find us,
then give us a look that show
"see, i found you!!! keke"

she always make us laugh
thats why we sayang her a lot

till I gave her my RM5

she was holding it happily!!!

"what is this hurr??"

"yeaahhhh!! i'm a rich baby :)"

Luckily she didnt tear off my RM5 ,
where she used to tear off the papers we gave her

see the princess look of her
cute right??
looks like girl girl already leee =D

she is sleeping soundly in my room while i'm blogging here
she used up the whole queen size bed of mine
all the pillows around her so she can sleep well there

the last paper - Finance on this Saturday
I just cant wait for it !!!
I'm so confused with Finance now
A lot more to study !!!

Wish me LUCK , guys !!! =)
luck . luck . luck .

Sunday, April 19, 2009


I need lots and lots of LUCK tomorrow!!!
Exam tomorrow.
I'm so headache now.
My biological clock has turn upside down
Couldnt sleep at night, slept around 3 to 4 something;
feel sleepy in the afternoon!!!
How??? What to do???
I'm so headache and sleepy now!!

I cant focus!!
I need FOCUS!!
I need LUCKS!!

wish me luck , people =)
GOOD LUCK to all the tarcian!!!!!

Tuesday, April 14, 2009


[ 范玮琪 ]






love love this song out of a sudden :)

Monday, April 13, 2009

Exam !!!

Exam is just around the corner and I'm still here to blog.
I just received our exam timetable today.

20/4 Organization & Human Resource
25/4 Finance

Two papers in one week time.

It is just perfect for those who are well prepared for the final exam.
I feel that it was quite okay because the earlier we finish the exam, the earlier is the holidays :)
We will only go back to school on 25/5.
One month holidays!!!!!

oh yeaahhhhh

I cant wait for the holidays!!!!!!
It just seems like I've a lot of things to do in the one month holidays.
Work. Trip. Shopping. Exercise (I wonder I'll do it or not), etc

I received jovy's message today.
She hopes that I can go over melb during my holidays
How I wish I really can go over there, but..........
nvm la.
I think I can go there to visit her some day in the future.
I think...
Miss you a lot!!!

Besides that,
I cant wait to see vivian too :)
She will be back in Pg soon.
Miss you girl !!!
Then we can spend our holidays together.
Go shopping!!! Go KL!!!

Sai ye planned to go Genting with all of us during this holidays
How good if she can organize the trip successfully.
Then all of us can go Genting and enjoy the cold weather there.
Do what we used to do together.
Just like the old times :)

On the other hand,
khai hern, ting ern and I planned to go Cameron during this holidays.
We planned to go with some of the Tarc students.
Hope everything will be okay laa
Then we get to go there :)

we planned to go exercise , like play badminton too.
haha. I doubt I can wake up early just to go E-X-E-R-C-I-S-E !!
haha. but I will try my best la
It not I will become a fatty

more and more activities to come XD

now you know why I just cant wait for the holidays la :)

Thursday, April 9, 2009

Happy Birthday DADDY !!!

Happy Birthday DADDY !!!
We had a birthday party for daddy yesterday :)
Actually , his students from singing class were the one who organized the party
Wusim right????

As a good daughter, I always accompany my parents.
Not to say during daddy’s big day laaaaa
So, I followed my parents to the singing class yesterday.
Of course, we were served with a lot of food which are super delicious !!!
Those aunties are very good at cooking one.
As a result, I ate a LOT,
Yes I meant A LOT !!!

There were some activities going on,
game, singing, dancing, etc
Practically, we played, sang, danced then we ate !!!
Never look down on aunties kay???
They are as chio as teenagers.
When someone sang romantic song,
then slow dance.
When someone sang “HOT” song, like chacha,
then they danced chacha.
I even could see traditional dance there!!
We were getting high and high and HIGH !!!
mummy and I joined them for dance too.
Yaaaaa... I joined them :)
Aunties invited me to dance with them,
they said ,
" st , lets dance chacha!!! "

Of course, we enjoyed a lot there.
Thanks for the effort to make my daddy's birthday so wonderful

the cake

"yaammm seeeng"
see see see
soooo MANY food there

okayy, the aunties asked my daddy and mummy to blow the balloon.
They even asked me to do so :)
Just for fun la

so, not to waste the balloons
aunties created a new way to dance !!!
check it out guys :)
how creative are they

daddy and a basket of red eggs

mummy sang "gei wo yi ge wen"
means "give me a kiss" in english

Daddy love Mummy
sweeeet :)

Daddy Mummy and the good daughter XD

slow dancing with mummy :D

Not to miss out the camwhore time with Daddy Mummy!!!

stay healthy
stay happy

love you,
from all of us


I couldnt go online on 6/4 and 8/4
I'm here to say

I'm so looking forward to the family dinner
wheeee :)

Monday, April 6, 2009

Sunday Night

What to do during Sunday night?????
shopping? gathering? party?
My parents , mei ling jiejie and I went to Queesbay for a walk that day
It was so cooling there.
The weather nowadays is so so so HOT!!!
How I wish I can stay at a room with air conditioned
Hence, we went to Queens to shop and we had dinner at Oldtown.
Daddy had to go somewhere else after dinner
we didnt want to leave yet.
daddy promised to fetch us after his activity.
Mummy, mei ling jiejie and I spent our time at Coffee Bean!!!
keke and we were so enjoyed there.
Too bad my phone low battery,
if not, we would take more pics :)

mummy with mocha ice blended

mei ling jiejie
she wanted to order "Today's brew"
but ended up with "Americano"

me :)
like a boss hurrr

Pretty young ladies

Oh yaaaa
never failed to try out my mosaic shot from my phone :)

mei ling jiejie said,
she is thinking of whether my mummy is crazy or not??

3 of us

and of course,
me and my lovely mummy :)

Saturday, April 4, 2009

Friday Night

There was a party on Friday night. Gathering to be exact laa.
I was kind of lazy to drive down Sunrise there after cheng beng in the morning.
However, Sai Ye was SOOOO kind enough to fetch me there.
How kind is she right??
I know she miss me very much laa xD
Thanksssss for that !!!
There was a heavy traffic jam during our way to fetch Yee Hoong and Yoong Liang.
I got so bored so I was trying to dig something our from her car.
Unfortunately, I found nothing but a thing which looks like a handbreak but in small size.
I was so curious and I asked her whats that.
She said ,
" If you pull it, the hatch of boot will open ; if you press it, the petrol cap will open !! "
Luckily I could control my hands for not pulling or pressing it,
if not I will be in a big trouble!!!! phewww~
we reached Marina Bay,Sunrise.
We quickly grab some food because we were so so hungry.
Haha. I felt so good to spend my time with all my old friends and some juniors there.
6 of us were there but the other 3 couldnt manage to go.
Too bad laaaaaaa
We had fun on that day.
We talked , we joked , we laughed , and we took pics !!!
yee hoong . ee leng . me

ee leng . me . guat pheng

ee leng . guat pheng . me . yee hoong

ee leng . yoong liang . guat pheng . me
the spirit of cadet still there :)

6 of us

sai ye . me

yi wen . me

chen nee . me

jia qi . me
I could remember how lovely is she.
the F group members

F group girls

current F group leader
I felt that she looks alike with me when I was in Form 4
the feeling laaa :)

jia xian . me

yi ruey . keh sin . me

F group girls

I misses F group a lot!!!!
oh nooooo

group pic

yee hoong reminded me about the mosaic shot in my phone
we took this,

and this ,
we were trying to pose ugly

We used to spend most of the time together for activities preparation , training , playing , etc
After we graduated , the time we manage to spend together is getting lesser and lesser
everything will be good when we gather together
hope to meet all of you soon!!!