Thursday, June 25, 2009

BIG surpriseee

I got a shock of my life yesterday!!
my dear Jovy is backed and she gave me a BIG surprise!!
Khai Hern asked me not to go back so faster after class,
he said his mum has got something to give me.
I didnt suspect anything as his mum always cook delicious food for me =)
However, when I asked him what his mum is going to give me and he couldnt answer me.
Then he said he was just bluffing me!!
I got so mad when he told me that and I conteng his book!! haha
Ivy sms-ed me when I was on my way back.
She asked me to go ever her house as mama is going to give me something.
What a day hur,
everyone's mother is going to give me something!
Hence, I went over to Ivy's house after class.
I was looking around when I got into her house,
then she asked ,
"Why did you do so??"
I said,
"I was just looking for Jovy, maybe she wanna scare me off."
nobody at home except Ivy.
Ivy and I started to talk and talk and talk,
Jovy pop out in front of me!!!!!!
and I scream and scream and scream!!!
can you imagine that?? haha
After that,
we planned to give vivian a surprise, so I called her to come over to Ivy's house.
The same reason - Mama has got something to give you!
and yeaaa. she was shock too!!!
we miss you so much, jovy.
you gave us a BIG BIG surprise!!

as usual, VJS
love this

vivian . me
jovy . me
vivian . jovy

ivy . vjs
Jovy is going to stay here for one month!!!
Too bad, vivian is going to persue her studies at UKM already.
She is leaving Pg on this coming saturday.
I'm going to Rawang on this friday night too,
but coming back on sunday laa =)
GOOD LUCK, vivian!!!
we will miss you a lot one!!!
p/s: sorry hur khai hern, haha. your book cacat d XD

Thursday, June 18, 2009

I can do it !

This was my first time to drive his Honda Civic!
yea.. it was khai hern's car.
I managed to drive his car from Tanjung Bungah till Sri Nibong.
yea of course it was safe, because I have drive for one year and my driving skill is proven!!
that was my first time to drive a car that bigger than my Kancil for such a long distance.
However, I can do that!
and hor, now only I know that a car with power steering is just so NICE!!
why no power steering provided for Kancil???
Sometimes I will get tired when I need to turn the steering for a few times
Thats tiring.
But, that is my precious present from my daddy la

concentrating. but I looked blur hur XD

Tuesday, June 9, 2009

Happy Belated Birthday

I'm so so so busy nowadays.
work. study. school
The timetable for this semester is just so NOT nice!!!
almost everyday from 9am to 5pm
I feel so tired after class
and get sleepy very fast.
my eldest brother kept asking me whether my blog is updated
and I always say NO!
he wanted me to popst about the birthday celebration of his daughter
sorry la..
I'm busy plus lazy XD
On my niece's birthday,
we went to Greenlane MCD to celebrate her birthday.
Kids' favourite place.
Besides that,
one year old baby has to eat drumstick,
It is our family traditional. lol
Dont ask me why.
yu en , my niece:
I'm one year old already!!!
Yeye , Nainai , Ah Gong , Ah ma , Daddy , Mummy , Er Shu , Er Sao , Xiao Gu
are going to celebrate my birthday at a newly reopen MCD =D
I get to eat drumstick!!! woooohooooo!!
excited right?? "

I looked so HAPPY !!!

YEAHHH... I asked u to look at me =D

seeee seee seeee
I'm eating drumstick for the first time
yumm yumm

one bite of the chicken!! yummmm

can I have one more???

I wanna eat

I spotted the camera!!
I'm shy to look at the camera =/

I just want to eat =)

show u my birthday cake!!
mummy bought it for me one
so nice right???

sayang u, daddy

sayang u, mummy

I will sayang u too, nai nai.
dont get jealous =)

I just cant wait to cut my cake laaaa XD

smile x)

nai nai feed me the cake
lucky me =)
excited excited !!!
I wanna play again !!
I dont wanna go back yet !!


xiao gu,
I wanna eat first la,
dont want take photo yet =P

so nice to pull ur hair , xiao gu

time for photo shooting
my er shu love to take pics of mine =)

family pic

big family pic =)

my niece very cute right??
She is just like the princess of my family
Happy Belated Birthday to her