Saturday, June 30, 2012

English Garden Party


Rainy Saturday, it drizzle and stop, then drizzle again ! 
Not a good weather for party but we did have a good time in the local British's bungalow :)
More than 400 students registered to go for the party but only 100 places were available for the SHU students !!
We were one of the 100 !!! Million thanks to Andrew for selecting us to attend the English Garden Party......

We gathered at Owen Building and the local British fetched us to the bungalow !! They even fetched us backed to our hostel after the party because it was raining heavily :)
Thank you so much !! 

We are amazed by the beautiful bungalow and I seriously envy the house owner !!
There is a garden and a small maze. We spent our sweet time there although it drizzle sometimes.  

Wish to have such beautiful bungalow in the future.......XD

Tasted traditional English food such as different flavour scones, cakes, tarts, fruits and etc. 
Had a pleasure moments chatting with the local British while having the yummy food :)

Not to forget that the house owner arranged a traditional English game called croquet and it allowed us to know more about their traditional !!
K & my friends played croquet and I tried to play for a while too :) He-he 

Good experience !!!

Andrew & his pretty daughter 

Entrance to the bungalow :)

The garden 


Me with the roses :)
Pleasant smell from the roses 

Me & the "leng zai" Andrew 

The girls :)

Yummy fooooood~~~~~~

Jack & our new friends from Sri Lanka 

The guys acting cool 

Tae concentrating on the tradition English game - Croquet ! 

SUPER cute baby !! 

SUPER SUPER cute babies :)
So adorable !!

Once again, thank you Andrew for giving us the opportunity to attend such a wonderful English Garden Party ! 
Really love the party and of course the house 

Thursday, June 28, 2012

London 2012 Olympic Torch Relay


We came here at the RIGHT time !!! 
2012 Olympic took place in London and we were so lucky to be here to witness the international event !!!

We walked to city centre after the class and the London 2012 Olympic partners (Coca Cola, Samsung, Lloyds TSB, etc) had yet to set up anything yet. However, we could see the performers were busy with their rehearsal around the stage there !

There are ping pong tables in the city centre. Since we had nothing to do so we decided to do some exercises. ;) 
I am not good at ping pong !! Was there to chase the ping pong ball only...... haha
However, we had to admit that K is a good ping pong player among our friends here. 
Even the local British challenged him !!! 

Got "pattern" 

MORE "pattern"

Handsome British vs K 
The Olympic Partners slowly setting up their things and city centre was getting more and more crowded already !! Just like a carnival :) So happy & excited !!!

Luckily we were there earlier and we queued up in front of the Coca Cola counter without knowing what are we going to get !! haha
We just queued up because others were there to queue up !! 
After few mins of waiting, we got a FREE Coca Cola :)
The red and black bottles are limited edition !!!
Hence, everyone of us collected both colours which means we had to drink 2 bottles of Coca Cola !! Haha Bloated !

But most importantly we got to take a picture with the torch on the double deck bus !!! 
The person in charge would help us to take picture with her camera and then she would give us a card.
We have to go to Coca Cola website and key in the code given on the card to get our pictures :)
Never knew that in my life I would have the chance to hold the torch although the torch is without flame one !!! Still happy :)
Thanks, Coca Cola ......

Me with the TORCH :D

Cheers !!!

Vote for your best Coca-Cola ambassador !

Then, we moved on to Lloyds TSB to make London 2012 Torch Relay coin !
Again, it is FREE :) 
Thanks, Lloyds TSB !
Lloyds TSB provided the penny and we were just there to press it out !! Woohooo~~~ 
Furthermore, we got to participate in a lucky draw session to win the Olympic tickets !!!

The London 2012 Olympic penny 

We even got to see the performance 

The most excited moment of the day !!!!!!
I was walking around, waiting for my friends. Suddenly lisin said : "I saw someone was holding the a ticket and I saw 'Old Trafford' this name on the ticket" 
Then I looked carefully, the Samsung's staff gave that guy the Olympic ticket, the venue is Old Trafford !!!
I asked Samsung's staff about the price of the ticket !
He said it is FREE !!!

*Ding* ! Our eyes opened widely and got so excited, in the mean time we were wondering that how are we going to get the tickets.
It is very easy !! We just need to download the SAMSUNG HOPE RELAY apps in our phone, register an account then walk for 1 mile....... Then we will get a FREE Olympic Ticket to watch a football match in Old Trafford !!! 
Everyone of us did what he said as soon as possible and BINGO !! We got the tickets !! :D 
One person will receive 2 tickets !!! 
O-H-M-Y-G-O-D !!! We couldn't believe that we could actually watch any Olympic match as the tickets are quite pricey !!! But we made it !!!
THANKS SAMSUNG for giving us the FREE Olympic Ticket !!!
Thank you !! You wouldn't know how grateful are we !! 

Me, happily holding the tickets ! 

14 tickets :) 

The torch relay started and we decided to stay at the last station to witness the flame !
It is getting more and more crowded there and the weather is good ! A sunny day, but a bit hot ! Hehe
While waiting for the last torchbearer, we got to see the great performance prepared by each Olympic partners.
But I am too short to see the stage, I could only see the screen :(
Which means that I could only see the last torchbearer from the big screen !!!
However, I was still happy that I got to take part in this and feel the ambiance :)

Most of them were wearing sunglasses !

But I forgot to bring mine :(

Very cute baby

Tae & K 

Last torchbearer

Olympic flame 

I am so so happy that I could witness the historical moment here !
To put everything in a nutshell, we came here at the RIGHT time :) hehe if not we wouldn't have any chances to witness any Olympic related event :)

Wednesday, June 27, 2012

Picnic Day


Sunny & windy day = Good weather ! :) *but it was still cold out there
What are you going to do if you're in Malaysia? 
Shopping? or stay at home? 
But when we are in Sheffield, we go P-I-C-N-I-C :) 

Norfolk is a public park located to the south of Sheffield City Centre, which is also around 10-15 mins walk from Charlotte Court only !!! 
It is a NICE place for you to stay closer with the natural !
I didn't try to picnic in Malaysia... Y-E-S ! 21 years already and I never try to picnic in Malaysia ! haha 

We decided to go picnic in the last mins and we quickly prepared the food !!
Only the food in our fridge as that was what we could get !! Ha-ha 
Luckily we did store up some pizzas and then we oven bake the pizzas, prepared some sandwiches, took out some chips and we went to the park !! hehe 

You have to walk up the slope in order to reach Norfolk, and we chose to go the highest place in Norfolk !
Tired as we had to carry everything up there but the scenery is breathtaking !!!
It was just too awesome to spend our evening there !!

It was more awesome to have our British's friend to go with us :)

We spent almost 2-3 hours there... enjoyed the wind, food and we talked, we took as many photos as we can ! Then it was getting cooler and cooler and the wind was getting stronger too, so we decided to go home !!
Remember to clean up everything before you leave, you don't want to picnic in a dirty place right? :)

It is a wonderful picnic experience in Sheffield !!! 
Must go there during your weekends :) It is a great place for you to chill and laugh with your great friends ! 

Enjoy the pictures below :)

Ready to go picnic !

Walking up the slope

A beautiful pathway before you reach the park
Just like the scene in Korea drama, right ? hehe

Awwwww~~ it is really nice up there !

Us with the FOOD !!! :)
Was so hungry after the walk to the park ! haha

*Kiss Kiss* 

Me & K  

Me & Jason 

The girls !

Guess which one is me ?! 

Jump Jump Jump !!!
*Girls' version*

Jump 1
*Guys' version*

Jump 2
*Guys version*

Jump 3
*Guys' version*
Yaaaa... I know that they are more creative la ! Ha-ha 

"Strong" women vs "Pretty" guys

Picture of the day :)
It is a wonderful and nice memory !
Pictures can't describe everything and you have to experience it yourself because it is really a great place ! 

It is okay for you to do all the crazy things when you are study ! 
Then that is what you can recall when you are getting elder ......