Saturday, May 31, 2008

what are they looking at ???

Ta-daa ~ they are looking at all the babies. but too bad i didn't get to see my niece as she got yellow skin so had to stay under the special light.

but under our special request, the nurse let us took a glance at my niece. yeaa i miss her so much. X)

the nurse knew that i were taking pics of my niece so she did this to my niece >>>

i spotted this girl in the hospital. she is so cute right ?

and she made friends with us. see, my brother was learning how to be a father by playing with the 3 year old girl. haha =)

but i guess he failed. kidding er. because the little girl always jiejie jiejie and hold my hands only. cute, right? keke

Friday, May 30, 2008

I have a niece today !!

Yeaa i could'nt sit properly in the lecture hall this morning. Why?? Because my sister-in-law was in the hospital and waiting for giving birth. i just could'nt wait to see my niece !! haha
so i asked ting ern to drop me at the hospital after class, thxx hur =)
i saw my parents were waiting for me at the entrance of the hospital. i was so excited and asked where is my niece?? my dad told me that my sister-in-law was still in the delivery ward since 2 hrs ago. waaa...... that means my sister-in-law was suffering from pain for 2 hrs !!! thumbs up for mothers !!! we were waiting outside.. wait and wait and wait ..

sister-in-law's parents

while waiting for my sister-in-law, it was the time of baby viewing time. we could see all the babies from the window. all new born babies. very very CUTE !!
they are so so small, just like a doll .. haha =)

this little cute baby girl is really cute. she always play with her mouth and open her eyes quite often. my mum said that she might become a talkative girl in future because of her mouth. why??? because that was what the old people told my mum and my mum told me . haha

when i was eating with my parents at the canteen. my brother called my dad and said my sister-in-law gave birth d. i was really so excited and ran to find my brother. Yeaa.. my brother was with his wife all the time when she gave birth. good husband, right ? i called jovy , yy , mama , etc to share this good news with them. =) Jovy, i know that you just can't wait to see your niece too right ?? hahaha

i was waiting to see my niece but my brother told me that the nurse had sent baby to baby room. haihh. that means i had to wait until 530pm only can see my niece. so during that time, i went to somewhere with my dad as he need to settle something =)

i stood outside of the baby room earlier than the baby viewing time. keke i just couldn't wait to see my niece !! 530pm d, but still couldn't see her. the nurse told us that she was drinking milk. so we waited until 610pm, finally got to see my niece d. XD

she is so so so CUTE err !! fair skin and pinkish face. haha. her face so chubby er. she has a small lips too. i took few pics of her. will show her when she grows up. yeaa. that time she will say :" thxx aunt." can't believe that i am an aunt now X)

my brother and his daughter

before i went home, i went to HQ to wish my juniors good luck before they went to national competition. actually that was a time for ex committee to gather together. haha. too bad i had to go home earlier as my dad was waiting downstair.

left out yy,yh and mh

Tuesday, May 27, 2008

what's your secret talent ??

What's Your Secret Talent?
My Result: Excellent Shower Singer
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Result: Excellent Shower Singer
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my mental age ???

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My Result: 6 Months Old
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I am only 6 months old ? so izit i am 17 years older than my actual mental age ? LOL who knows ?

Friday, May 23, 2008

i have been so looking forward to college life yet afraid of it. dunno why ?? haha.. i jz attend the 4 days orientation in TARC, quite enjoy er la =)

woke up early in the morning,as in 6am. LOL to me is real early because i have not been waking up this early after spm. x) went to TARC with Kh,Zhi Zheng and Chin Hong. we reached there and walked around. After that, Q outside the office to settle some document things. Such a long long Q outside. Luckily we Q up early. We lined up outside the DKB and got our file and TARC t-shirt there. we got to change it up before entered the Central Auditorium (CA). and they gave me a big size t-shirt for me. it really looks like my pyjamas after i wore it. Went to CA, sat there and wait.............

Finally, the program started. The usual speech by the chairman of orientation week and head of penang branch. The most interesting part was the opening ceremony of a campaign , that is "Speak English With Me" hahaha.. can see from the picture. They even have a theme song. RAP one.

Next, the opening ceremony by all the student leaders frm School of Business Studies (SBS) and School Of Technology (SOT). That was really amazing. They ran around in the CA with the flags, great PA and lighting system. Amazed =D All the freshmen were divided into about 40 groups. 35-40 something freshmen in each group. The total of freshmen this year is about 1500 err... that is many..

i was a team member of untraman from SBS. the theme for SBS is hero while for SOT is those branded name like adidas,converse,gucci,etc. After that, we were brought to each class respectively. Talk, dicuss, eat and having fun there.

After lunch was campus tour. The weather on that day was killing me. So so so so so HOT !! Backed to CA after that, a talk from our head of penang branch. I fall asleep in the CA. sorry hur.. it is so nice to sleep in a air cond hall after a tiring campus tour.

Went home after the talk. Tired.....


No pics for day 2. sorry er. Gathered at foyer in the morning and .. yeaa.. exercise ~ After that, backed to CA for a briefing by administrative staff. We had telematch at 1pm. So SO So So HOT !! haha.. but actually it was quite fun er. My whole body wet after the telematch. And we had practiced a lot of different slogan. We were lead to shout the slogan in the foyer or even CA. SBS vs SOT. Lots of different and special slogans. Hahaha... no voice d


We had sports competition today. Got basketball, volleyball, table tennis, etc... As i m not good in sports, i would'nt want to join any of these. haha. After that, backed to our classroom and discuss about the variety show (preliminary). I would'nt want to tell what our drama about. hahaa.. remain secret. my team dun get into final. We were late to the CA. We were supposed to be in the CA for a course briefing and study skills workshop.


Spent the whole day sitting in the CA for an introduction to college societies and variety show (final) . We cheer for our team, SBS !!! They are so talented and creative. yeaa.. variety show for whole day and we cheer for whole day too .. After that, prize giving session and SBS IS THE OVERALL CHAMPION !!! keke. SOT got champion for previous 4 years and now SBS got it back !!

all the SBS student leaders on the stage, cheering !!

Traffic jam as today was friday and have been raining for the whole day. Took us more than one hour to reach Greenlane MCD frm TARC. so we decided to have our dinner there before went home.

Enjoy during the orientation week although do feel tired after it. Once in a life time merr.. start study on next week.. gonna learn new things d.. good luck to me and to everyone =)