Thursday, July 31, 2008

Padini Gathering

Great job serene!! ha-ha..
most of my friends know that i couldnt recognize the road especially at night... but i did it tonight... i drove to downtown alone myself at night... i know it was just nothing but it was quite a tough task for me errr.. *claps*
My ex-colleagues from padini concept store called me to join the them for dinner few days ago... we had steamboat tonight...
i found out that most of us that went to the gathering today were resigned from padini already. lol
and yaaa.. my sifu-Sam also resigned and going to work at another place d. we wont be meeting each other that often anymore.. this is life laa
The oil kept on spilling out and always kena my hands one and also kena my face !!!!
i felt so pain when it kena my face laa.. lol
and yaaaa.. i ate a lot today.. i stood up all the time there
because i was so so full !!!
the food .. the egg tarts there are very yummy !!!

sam and her friend
me and sifu =)
sam, her friend and me

xing hooi and pei sze

my ex-colleagues

3 ex-PDI staffs and only xiao san (white t-shirt) is still working

us =)

boon chong, sam, xiau san and me

he, the one who called himself entaoba was playing with kids. can consider as bullying the kids there laaa.. lol

boon chong with the

the padini concept store staffs =)

and yaaaa.. i could drive back alone too.. yeaa.. i couldnt recognize the road but i just followed my friend's car to go to the coastal highway.. thanks la xing hooi =) if not i sure lost one.. haha

take care and see all of you in another gathering

Wednesday, July 30, 2008

Prom Night

The theme for tarc orientation night was "Back to 60's - Old School"
and ya.. i dont have any old school dresses i just simply dig out
Ting ern suggested to go to Hair Icon to seek for professional help since i dont know how to make up. lol yaaa.. i know it is so terrible laa..
a girl who dont know how to make up...
but i sure will learn about it one =)
Hence we went to Hair Icon after class. that time was already 3pm and our orientation night was at 530pm. but it actually started at about 730pm.
thanks to kh who drove us around laa =) must be real tired one.
we took some photos in Hair Icon after the make up. Everyone said i look so different after make up, do i? and ya.. with the hairstyle, i look so old school err.. ha-ha
but ting ern was the one who look more old school.. nice hurrr.. god job =)
ting ern , elace (professional stylist) , me in Hair Icon. i personally feel that ting ern and i looked like dummy, lol

Kh speed to college after that. lol. but the time we reached there, we still couldnt get into CA. everyone of us just waiting at the foyer and that was the best time for photo session, right? keke

ting ern posing with chinhong's sunglasses

ting ern , me and kh

us again

We even took photos when we were waiting in the CA.
classmates - Cynthia and Carissa

Finally. the ceremony started and overall, we just sat there and watched for the performance. The performances were performed by the Talent Show Finalist and of course the Prom Kings and Prom Queens.
They made the Prom Kings and Prom Queens selection to be so alike as the Miss Astro selection. eg: Catwalk, Introduction time, talent show, Q & A session......
that was really not so easy laaa.. lol

opening dance

the Q & A session

And the most exciting part was the prize giving ceremony... lol because ting ern won THE BEST COSTUME !!!!!! woah!!

not bad er...right? that was the highlight of the night =)

ting ern received the prize for the SWC organizing chairlady

Saturday, July 19, 2008

Hubungan Etnik Presentation

Presentation yesterday. quite nervous but all of us were so looking forward to wear our formal wear but not to present the hubungan etnik stuff. ha-ha
kh fetched us to college and ting ern found out that my hair was so messy. yaaa. i knew it laaa... but actually kh's hair was not any better.. ha-ha thats what ting ern commented..

okay my messy hair .. ha-ha ting ern suggested to take this to show before and after

messy hair 2
Ting ern helped me to tie my hair up in college by using kh's mum er hair products... thanks ting ern errr.. and of course aunty =)
our group members were all in black.. thats was what we planned er.. ha-ha

us in formal wear. smart right ?? lol
All of us were fooling around and taking pics before our turn to present as we were the last group to present. LOL

umm this can cure our nervousness x)

me, ting ern and elaine
kh, me and ting ern

kh and i

not bad leee.. his zi pai skill improved a lot d.. ha-ha

noticed our tie ?? lol

ting ern was making sure that he was in a good condition before presentation start

Presentation start...

me =)

after my turn to present . thats not my hair !!! ting ern was beside me .. lol
after the presentation , us with our tutor. lol

Tuesday, July 15, 2008

All in One

sorry for not update my blog.. thanks to my house's connection.. i couldnt online for few days err.. stupid!!!
okayy..i'm gonna update about last two weeks..
jovy was backed to penang!!! woah... but now she is in aussie again~
miss you lotsssSs !!!!!
went to beach at night with yunying and khai hern.

yy and i

kh and i

someone really need to improve his skill of taking photo d

The day jovy went to TARC to attend lecture with me =)

obviously...i was not paying attention =P

Went to zhi zheng and chin hong er hostel after lecture

Had our lunch with the gang at "chit tiao lor" ( the 7th road) .. We ordered lots of food and we shared them out =)

That was what we did when stuck in traffic jam =)

vjs miss the v and j so much

Went to yunying's house. and guess what ??! we had fun in the children playground. i just love the swing =)


me =)

yunying , khai hern , me and jovy

me and jovy. love it =)

khaihern and zhengying

Party at Jovy's house

me, khaihern and jovy

Met up with our form4 and form5 home tutor. that was the day where i lost my phone =(

us at BBQ Chicken in gurney

Then we headed to the beach =)
i love the beach although it is quite dirty there laaaa..

we look alike in this pic leerr =)

sweet leee ... love this pic so much =)

jovy with patrick's sunglasses

and yaarr.. my turn =)
his rm900++ sun glasses

love this pic.. credit to nick =D

us =)

Went there with jovy, yunying, patrick, nick, koko, sze yee and elaine.
some of us cried there. used up lots of tissue there.. ha-ha

the S4E girls

Patrick, jovy, yunying and i went to gurney drive hawker to have something first. and we met the taiwan group singer. Da Zui Ba !!! AiSha is really pretty er... her skin is so so fair!!!

Then Northan Beach Cafe with the gang =)

Went to Torch, near TARC after dinner. As a TARC student, i dont even know where is Torch although everyday drive pass there. lol

zhengying's favourite


we were posing while they were playing =)

Went to New World Park with Jovy's family after Torch.
and they came to meet us after that =)

Family party at Jovy's house. Papa (jovy's dad) cooked lots of delicious hainanese dishes. super super yummy laaarr...keke

The day we sent Jovy off =(
miss you lots...
see you in december =)