Friday, December 21, 2007


Went to Gurney wiv friends ( Li , Sai Ye , Phey , Siew Ying & her sis ) ytd . I went to Extrem to meet Siew Ying . We chose Sai Ye's birthday present there . It was a late birthday present , as her birthday was on 1/12 . Haha . We called Sai Ye up and asked her to try on tht shirt . Tht shirt kinda fitting errr .. Haha .. Actually i wanted to choose more ladylike er shirt for her , ended up Sai Ye scolded me . LOL

her birthday present

We were waiting for Li outside Seoul Garden . She was the one who said she wanted to come earlier but ended up da LATEST !! LOL . We forgot ytd was public holiday so it cost us around RM35 each . Li , u shud treat us er .. thts all cz of u ~ keke ~ jk . Anyway , tht was my first time to Seoul Garden . We went to take some food and started to cook .. 6 of us , so we shared 2 tables , 3 each . Different soup one .

This is Siew Ying & her sister and my table . TomYam soup . *yummy*

This is the table next to mine . Abalone soup . Li , Phey & Sai Ye sat there .
Li wore specs while cooking . Could'nt believe tht she cooked herself . She even helped Phey to cook . Haha she was jz like Phey's mum ytd . However , Phey helped her to peel the prawns . Why i din hav such service ?? Sai Ye was so pro at cooking .. Haha .. The meat she cooked was so so YUMMY !!! thxx hur .. I could take her food cz she sat beside me ..
I had Siew Ying here . She was a good sister . She sayang her sis very much . Sometimes she cooked for me too . HaHa .
While we were eating , my dad came by . He was hugging my nephew , cute leee . My dad took him to c me one since we din meet for a long time d . Miss him a lot err , cz he is so so cute . Sai Ye said he is very handsome . LOL XD
Siew Ying & her sister . They look alike lee ..
Sai Ye & me . See da fork there ?! haha thxx to Phey for da additional effect ..
Our lunch started from bout 130pm and finished at bout 4pm . We ate a lot there . Main course , fruits , ice cream ...... We wanted to eat the amount of food tht cost Rm35 . LOL we shud ask for discount as cockroach appeared twice at Li's side . Haha but why was she ? Afta lunch , talk talk talk there . We went to toilet as Phey & Siew Ying met their fren in Seoul Garden . They wanted to ask some infor for their future college .
While waiting for Sai Ye & Siew Ying's sis , Li and I took some pics there . Toilet , da place for photo session . =D

We went to Seoul Garden to find Phey they all . As they were stil talking , we took some photos there . Haha . Jovy came by , so we took pics wiv her . Cherish da time ~

We took advantage on her and teased her around as we both r taller than Sai Ye XD Stil waiting for da group pic.. all in jovy's camera ..

XD My dad was waiting for me , so had to go home so early , around 5pm .. Keke

Monday, December 17, 2007

after SPM ...

Life after SPM for me is jz sleep , eat , online , tv ... super boring !!!
Thts why i have nothing to blog .. hahaha

Today went to queens for a movie - " I am legend " wiv my cousin sis and gang of 5 ( except kok oon ) , yy stil in KL n jovy could'nt make it tht time .. so jovy met us up afta da movie ..

The movie is reli nice .. hmmm .. but i nearly got heart attack .. LOL shocked when many "Infected" victims suddenly pop out .. my cousin even holded my hand tightly .. but useless .. cz i was half lying on da sofa oso .. LOL .. my cousin joined her fren afta da movie and i met up wiv jovy .. called wc .. he said tht they were at " Oldtown" there (north zone) but when we walked there frm south zone .. could'nt find them .. n i called him again .. he said they were at Coffee Bean now .. which located at south zone !!! wat a gud exercise ~~ LOL

we talked at Coffee Bean there .. den i sent jovy to work in Sushi King .. 1st day for her to work in Sushi King .. trial onli er .. when kh , wc n i went to Sushi King at aroung 640pm .. she was stil having her training .. we tot tht she would give up afta today .. She was trying hard to take up 2 jars of green tea .. train up her muscle .. anyway .. GAMBATE , jovy !!!

no pics for dis post .. waiting to get my new hp .. who gonna sponsor me ar ?! Hahaha .. i jz cant tahan wiv my old phone d .. automatic shut down .. i m still thinking whether W580i is better or nokia 5610 .. i think i wil choose nokia in da end .. i hope i can get new hp fast ! fast ! fast ! XD dream on .........

Thursday, December 6, 2007

SPM is over !!! Finally over .. Umm .. anyway , it was two days ago d ..
I m always looking forward to tht day , but suddenly hav no feeling towards tht d , used to it ?? LOL
I threw all da books away today .. 3 big stacks of books and papers .. feel so GOOD !!!

4/12 night , VJS went for a movie (HITMAN) with the "Gang of 5" .. haha
Da storyline of da movie is really good .. at first I was reli blur .. haha .. but got to kno wats reli happened afta da movie .. da person who wrote da story is really .. umm creative .. "geng" ..
Da night was stil young afta da movie .. so we went to a coffee shop named " 海韵 " ..
We planned to share da drinks but everyone has to make at least an order
so in da end , I ordered da chocolate mint , jovy da cappucino , yy da hot chocolate..
I think hot chocolate is better than chocolate mint and cappucino althou it taste like a glass of milo ..
My chocolate mint taste like da medicine of gastric .. *yucks*
Da cappucino is jz like a sugar drink .. LOL
We did'nt finished it .. wasted RM11 ..
Tht noinoi even mixed up da cappucino and chocolate mint and drank it .. AHAHA salute ~!!
hey no stomach pain afta tht , rite ?? LOL

*cappucino & choc mint*

Group pic

Afta tht , we went to da seaside .. crazy around at da roundabout there .. LOL

LOL nice pose , kevin =P

Yy n I went to jovy's home afta tht , slept over there .. Keke ..
tht was long time ago since 3 of us hav slept over .. so so so NICE XD

we're in pyjamas =D

We talked talked talked .. tired out and finally slept at 5am .. LOL


Woke up at around 8 smtg in da next morning .. early hurr ??! LOL .. Yy and I went to Gurney at 1130am but jovy went to Than Hsiang Temple .. Yy's dad fetched me n tht sleepyhead to Gurney ..

We went to redbox frm 12pm to 3pm .. Ahaha .. 8 guys + 5 gals there .. a lot hur .. we kept forcing tht sleepyhead to sing .. but he jz sat there .. i guessed his aim was not to sing , rite hur ????? kekekeke.. Afta tht we walked to one stop for bowling .. but i did'nt play .. HaHa .. Yy's skill is really gud althou tht was her first time to play bowling .. hahaha .. steady hurrr .. We went to Arcade ( I think it called arcade la ?? ) afta tht while other guys were playing snooker .. Yy and I played til sweat a lot hurrr .. AhaHAha .. weak stamina d ..

Yy , sleepyhead n I dun feel like going home yet so we planned to go back to Gurney again .. Yy wanted to go to Coffee Bean to use up her voucher .. hahaha .. It was raining heavily so yee fun's mum fetched us there .. XD Afta took order , we talked and teased around .. LOL great hur ... we went MCD for dinner den went home ... On da way home .. Yy's sis kept playing with sleepyhead and finally gave him a nickname .. wakakakaka "PIG BOY" .. nice hur ???! LOL

haha da PIG BOY

Got it frm ur friendster .. LOL thts wat u teached Yy and I when in da MCD .. wakakakaka XD

Monday, December 3, 2007

The day before 4/12

I reli shud study my chinese idioms ..
but .. ended up ..
listen to music while study was jz my excuse .. LOL
I jz kept touching my mouse .. click here click there ..
Haha .. i some more watched "Romantic Princess" ep12 , heard yy said tht dis is da last episode .. but it is not !! gonna wait til next week onli get to watch da last episode !!
got to go "study" d !!

Sunday, December 2, 2007

Free !!!

Counting down da day to 4/12 .. haha .. 2 more days to go n we're FREE !!!!
actually , i shud study my chinese idioms ..
but in da end .. ONLINE ~ lol
i m thinking of gurney , queensbay , shopping , party , christmas , new year eve n lotsss .. =D
haha..lets go out afta our SPM !!
but stil hav chinese paper to go ..
best of luck everyone XD

oh yaaa .. new layouts for my blog ..
love it a lot =D
THX s.head for da image n of cz jovy .. keke

Saturday, December 1, 2007

Secondary Life

Time flies , stil can remember the first day in my secondary school-pcghs . lol . secondary school life comes to an end . we're going to further our studies at different places . yea , i shall miss my frens a lot , i hav spent most of da time wiv my frens , and of course ST JOHN-da big family .

sometimes i could laugh on my own when i flash back on st john
we did some stupid things , funny things , training , competition , functions ......
no regrets to join st john,
worth to be part of da family in N3 & NC1
5 years ,
we quarrel , we enjoy n we cry .......
we become closer after all
Love u guys .. muax =D
i wil never ever forget those time . so so memorable !!

we won da state competition in o6

cadet team !!

natioinal competition in o6

preparation for uniform test =D

our campfire o6

9 of us !! love u guys a lot =D

a new year , new us n new f4 committee

sports day duty, but .... LOL



LOL. guys , dun misunderstand !!

our farewell o7 !!!

now.. graduated !!

o3 to o7 , time pass but friendship wil still remain