Saturday, March 8, 2008

St John Orientation 'o8

I went to attend my school St John Orientation on last saturday . That was my first time to attend a school activity as a ex-senior . Hahaha . So fast become ex-senior d . Yee Hoong , Sai Ye and I were invited to have our seat at VIP there . We sat beside our teacher advisor . All of us were so paise and had weird feeling when every members were looking at you .

one of the performance by form 2 members

Handmade souvenir

Sai Ye & Yee Hoong with the board
After the orientation , 3 of us went to a classroom and talked there . Too bad the other 6 committee were not there . If not , that day would be our reunion d . Had a nice chat there . Miss those time a lot ......
Hey guys , guess whose legs below ? ? ? LOL =D The one wearing high heels ... haha ...

Ta-Da~ I will not say it out . If not I wil probably get myself into a hard time . LOL

I left school at 1130am and went to PISA for education fair . After that , WORK ~

Friday, March 7, 2008


I had tried out the food in TBowl during my lunch break . Met up with Clarissa and Wei Dyi during my lunch break and headed to TBowl . The decoration in the restaurant is special and nice too but the food there is jz Okayy . Normal yet quite expensive . LOL

My table

Ahaha .. my seat =)

Wei Dyi was trying out Clarissa's noodle .

Baked cheese rice in toilet bowl .. hmmm ..

Clarissa's spicy noodle

My noodle . Just some vege , chicken and noodle cost more than rm10 . expensive ?

I had free luch there . Thanks to Wei Dyi who was so kind to treat me eat =)

Noi's birthday


Noi's birthday . Night out after work to celebrate his 18th birthday . We went to have dinner at "Jing Huo Wo" located around New World Park .

The birthday boy =)

They are so so so "sweet" hurrr =D

After the dinner , we walked to New World Park . We saw a group of people were singing on the stage . Then they suggested to ask them sing a birthday song for noi . Woww .. ended up noi had to go up the stage . Memorable right ? =D

The star of that night .. LOL

We headed to Gurney Drive after that . We talked there , fool around there . Ahaha . Was having fun there .

Victor , the star of the night ? LOL does he looks like holding a dragon ball ? hmmm ...

5 guys with the same "handsome" pose . LOL

Finally , the group pic before all of us went home =)

My birthday

My memorable 17th birthday . A big thanks to jovy and all of my friends . Love you guys a lot !!!
My birthday was my off day too but the others have to work on that day . Hence , they celebrated my birthday on the night of 220108 . We headed to E-Gate after my work , around 1045pm . =) Night out .
Exactly 1200am , I was asked to "blow" off the candle . Hahahaha What a technique to blow it off hurrr .. LOL

my cake . Jovy was the one who wrote my name & the love on the cake . Thanks .

After that , we decided to have a group pic before went home . And the place for group pic was KH's car . LOL what a nice place . Jovy and I sat on his car . We were really afraid of that .

Heading to KH's car

Our special group pic . =)

Your car okay d right ? Sorry to KH , you know why . LOL

P/S : late update . Just got the pics . Sorry =)