Monday, August 25, 2008

Exam mode

sorry guys
i wont be update my blog till 19/9
i guess so
because my final EXAM is just around the corner
on the 4/9
i have nothing to blog bout
as no hang out , no party , no anything for me now
but it doesnt mean that i will study for the 24 hrs
how i wish i can do that
i have been lazying around, watching tv, online......
but not study..
i have no idea how to do account,
i have no idea wat is microeconomics... wat marginal cost, TR, MR, etc.....
i have no idea on hubungan etnik.. history!!! i hate tht so much
seriously, i dont even open tht book after class...
and business statistic, and IT and English Language.......
HELP !!!
i didnt study anything, dont even a bit laaaa... =(
i better start now...
i dont want to say bye bye to my scholarship...

so guys... will update after my exam
see ya =)

Sunday, August 17, 2008

Hang Out

almost everyone is having holidays now..except tarcian..exam in 2 weeks time errr
since other ex st john committees are having holidays
so, we had a gathering at gurney
should be 9 persons but only 6 of us turned up
as others were busy
yunying and i reached gurney 3 hours earlier than the meeting time
because we wanted to do some shopping there
but.....window shopping very chi gek errr
Grrrrr both of us got tired after that,
sat down on a bench and had our girl's talk
while waiting for the others =)
ee leng and guat pheng reached first
then mei hwei also reached d
and all of us were waiting for that Sai Ye for about half an hour
lol as usual la... she is always that "da4 pai4" one ma XD
she came with her sister
she was still the same sai ye errr..
physically and mentally same
then we headed to Food Lof to have some drinks there
i love the environment is really good
and thx sai ye for treating us =)

sai ye's sister, sai ye (the playful one) and ee leng

ee leng and guat pheng

yunying and i

yunying , me , mei hwei
and sai ye's spoon (the kacau one) XD

finally a normal one =)

the 6 of us =)

sai ye with her pose

sai ye's phone was on the table.... then

yunying was holding it above mei hwei's water bottle

sai ye's hand
we should just throw it into the water bottle
just that mei hwei was afraid that her water got poison.. lol

After that , we were just walking inside the mall... then we decide to have our dinner at Kim Gary...

i drew this while waiting for my food =) cute right ??
i was just too boring laaa...haha
thanks to yunying who edited this pic

sai ye and me

yunying and mei hwei
that sai ye buat kacau again with her fingers

ee leng and guat pheng .... and you guys know whose fingers d right? lol

lol cute sai ye hurr.. =D

yunying and sai ye

6 of us in Kim Gary

That Sai Ye reached later than us but was the earliest to leave gurney... then we went to have a sit outside gurney plaza while waiting for their parents..

terrible traffic jam in front of gurney plaza

yunying and i

Tuesday, August 12, 2008

Party Party !!!

i wished you in time, right? but just not here =)
ohh you're 18 now..means you can enter some 18sx places ? haha
or you have already entered?? hmmm who knows la
we celebrated his birthday that night at "House of Steamboat"
all are classmates... that was my first time to hang out with them...
it was really fun~!!!
eat and eat and eat that night,
talk and talk and talk~
i ate a lot that night and yaaaaa....
i am getting fat now !!!! gosh
once we reached there,
ting ern and i took the egg tarts as fast as we could..
yaaa..i know i am quite sampat laaa
lol but the egg tarts there are really yummy errr!!!
and it even became the so called birthday tart for the birthday boy...
not bad hurrr~

eating while posing

my cooks of the day.. but of course i did cook for them too laaa =)

ting ern posing with the chopsticks

me , pei ying , shing huoy. they purposely came and wished yijun then off they went to another birthday party

ting ern and birthday boy, yijun

khai hern and yijun

me and yijun. forced to stand in front... because i always .....

i always stand behind !! haha ... thats me what !! lol
me , sim , ting ern

3 of us

4 of us
love this pic a lot =)
remember our 1,2,3,4 pose in my previous post??
we repeated the same pose a-g-a-i-n
is okayy errr,
this pose can last long, right?





as i said i was very full that night,

sooooooooooooo, ting ern, khai hern and i went to exercise =D

help to speed up our digestion =)

we had our dinner there from 8pm to around 11pm,

and of course we took some group pics before we went home =)

the girls

and the guys


everyone of us

us again =)

we had fun there
too bad some of our classmates couldnt join us
but still ,
thats Y1M9 =)

Wednesday, August 6, 2008

He is so MAN !!!

okayy laa.. only for today?? who knows??
lol .. yeaa.. ting ern was so MAN and BRAVE this afternoon... why?? because he went to donate his blood today.. woah~
*a big clapz for him*
kh wanted to donate but too bad.. he took antibiotics yesterday..
sooooo... he cannot donate his blood but to see ting ern donate...
as for me??? sure i didnt donate errr.. lol
it is not tht i have a bad heart.. just that i am lack of haemoglobin...
too bad hur ??? lol
to say the truth la... i'm afraid of it also laaa

he was doing his body check up..yeaa he is healthy laaa

i saja buat kacau .. lol

he is doing his blood test.. just like someone who forced him to smile.. lol

he and pei ying (our classmate)

pei ying was really scared of it.. but she was brave!! salute~

woah~ his turn~ his turn to be a real man~!! lol jk

wanted to give him support but he refused to receive my support ... sooo.... end up ... took photo er of course =)

kh with ting ern's blood

he looked like he was gonna faint...very painful ???

but not really la.. sure got pain but he still managed to give us a smile.. =)

and even he could cam-whoring while donating blood. bravo~

ting ern took this pic. pei ying, shing hooi, me and kh were waiting for him

he donated one packet of blood to General Hospital in Sg Petani. how kind of him. and of course others are also very kind. it is good to donate blood laaa.. and the blood donators will receive vitamin C, milo, cake, cert and booklet after they had donated their blood.

go to TARC tomorrow if you guys want to donate blood la =)