Monday, July 30, 2012

Olympic Football Game


I thought that I wouldn't have the chance to watch any live Olympic games although I am in England during the Olympic period !
Have you read my previous post, titled Olympic torch relay in Sheffield ???
If no, I am gonna say it loud here that SAMSUNG gave us FREE Olympic tickets to watch Olympic football game in Old Trafford !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Yes readers, it is FREE :)
How excited is that, can you imagine that ? hehe

We took the train to Manchester then we boarded the FREE shuttle bus to Old Trafford !
We didn't know that we were able to watch 2 matches in a single day with a single ticket until someone told us that day !!!
Super duper E-X-C-I-T-E-D ! 

1st match  : Egypt vs New Zealand
2nd match : Brazil vs Belarus 

BRAZIL errrrrrrrrrrr !!!!!!!!!!!!! :D

We arrived almost 2 hours earlier as we need to get through security checks and to our seats ! (and we would have plenty of time for photo session :P)
Large bags (over 25 litres), bottles, cans, laser pointer, liquids, aerosols and gels in quantities greater than 100ml, any article that might be used as a weapon and many more are prohibited !!
Luckily we read the visitor information carefully before we went there :)

Before we went through the security checks, we had to empty our pockets and place our belongings, such as keys and mobile phones, into a provided plastic bag. 
The security would check our bags and make sure that there are no prohibited things inside our bags. Then, he/she would seal our bags with a big plastic bag.
However, one of them didn't seal up me, Yu En and Fong Yee's bags ... he said that we would be able to get into the stadium with this small size of bags.

Before we entered the stadium, we had to go through body check too ! *strict security check*
The security stopped the 3 of us, asked us to go through the security check and get our bags sealed up with plastic bag first. 
What duh ? We had to queue up for the second time just because of their miscommunication ?
Luckily, one of the security helped us and get our bags sealed up very quickly.. Thanks :)

After went through the body check, the security would take off the big plastic bag and return our bags to us ! Phew~~~ 
Once I got into stadium, I got so excited and ummm.......
I didn't know how to express my feeling in words. So sorry for that ! 

To cut short, I felt so EXCITED ! haha

I thought that we were going to sit at the back of the stadium !
SAMSUNG gave us a good seats !!!!!!! 
♥ SAMSUNG so much !!!

Our Olympic Ticket :)

Waiting for the shuttle bus

See, everyone were so EXCITED !

After went through the security check !
Everyone's bag were sealed up  with a big plastic bag

London 2012

Body check before we entered the stadium 

Me :)

K !
Are you going to beat someone ? hehe 


First match : New Zealand vs Egypt 

I didn't really watch football match previously !
But I could feel the ambiance and got so excited :)

Oh ya, we could see the training session before the match !
The players warmed up themselves !

How lucky are we :)

The results for the match was New Zealand 1 vs 1 Egypt !!! 

*I think everyone was looking forward to the next match..hehe :)*

GOAL !!!!!!!

We got our lunch from the food stall in stadium during the interval between first match and second match.
Food of the day : Coca Cola & Sausage rolls :)

Furthermore, we got to play with the BIG football too :)

Entertainment time :)

K with his newly bought MU jersey ! 

The match which everyone looking for !

2nd match : Brazil vs Belarus 

The guys were shouting at the Brazil players name when they entered the football field !

The results for the first half time was Brazil 1 vs 1 Belarus !
So excited and nervous but we had faith in Brazil :)

Time for second half :)
When Neymar was so near to us, Jack shouted : " Neymar, SKILLS !!! SKILLS !!! "
HAHAHA so so funny ! 

You could hear everyone shouting BRAZIL BRAZIL BRAZIL all the time during the match !
For the last few minutes,
Brazil managed to score two goals !!!!!!!! WOW !!!!!!

So the final results for the match was Brazil 3 vs 1 Belarus !!!

Wooohoooo~ Brazil, you didn't let your fans down :)

NEYMAR ! ready for corner kick !

GOAL !!!!
Then everyone hug each other !!! 

After the match,
we boarded the shuttle bus back to the city centre again ! 
The London 2012 management is so efficient, we waited for less than 30 mins to board the bus although there was a LONG LONG LONG queue !!! 
Well done ! :)

Had our dinner at city centre then we board the train back to Sheffield :)

People everywhere !

Spotted Malaysia flag !
One Malaysian brought the flag to watch the match !!

A very good experience !
Thank you SAMSUNG again for giving us the opportunity to watch the match !

I would proudly say that I WATCH OLYMPIC GAME LIVE BEFORE !!!!! 

Costs :
Train to Manchester & back Sheffield -  £14
Lunch -  £4

Tuesday, July 24, 2012

Movie experience in Sheffield

The Dark Knight Rises @ Odeon     24 July 2012

K & I went for a movie date at Odeon !
Odeon is located beside Adsetts :)

It was Tuesday ! We could buy the movie ticket at a cheaper rate compared to other days ! Just like the GSC back in Malaysia where it has the movie day :)
We bought the ticket at £4.50 each and it was free seating !

We watched The Dark Knight Rises with NO subtitles ! haha
I was having difficulty in understanding what the actors/actresses said ... Bad listening skill :( 

I would like to complain that it was so stuffy inside the cinema !
I didn't know why that the air cond was off in the middle of the movie and it turned to be so hot ! 
I saw someone holding a fan while watching the movie ! haha that's funny !

Anyway, it was a good movie and good day :)

Entertainment for the customers 

Inside the cinema !
You're free to choose your seats, unlike Malaysia's cinema 

Our tickets 

Bicester Village, the Chic Outlet Shopping


Additional trip organized by Hallam Union :)
Thanks for organizing this trip, I got to shopping again ! hehe

Bicester Village located at the outskirts of Bicester, a town in Oxfordshire, England.
It took us almost 3 hours to reach there !!
Again, the coach driver would stop at a service centre for a 20 mins toilet break :)

Bicester Village houses approximately 130 stores. It features many high-end clothing brands, including Hugo Boss, Ralph Lauren, Gucci, Dior, Burberry, Prada, Gieves & Hawkes and many more !
It is a more high-end shopping outlet compared to Cheshire Oaks designer outlet !

It was still SALES everywhere !!!
Me & Li Sin were so happy to shop at Cath Kidston (our favourite local brand in England) !!! We just love the design :)

We got no budget to buy those luxury items !
However, who is planning to buy the high-end clothing or branded bags..... it is a must visit place !

The Burberry outlet is much bigger than the one in Cheshire Oaks designer outlet.
Furthermore, the branded goods here are cheaper almost by half compared to Malaysia !!

When we got tired after shopping, K bought some drinks from Starbucks :)
Cold drink in summer , PERFECT !

After all,

Starbucks !
Full of people !

Ralph Lauren !!!!!!!!!!!
We wouldn't see this condition in Ralph Lauren way back in Malaysia !

Long Long queue in Ralph Lauren !

Happy Shopping :)

It is so cheap to buy things in UK !
If we don't convert it from pounds to RM :(

Cost :
Hallam Union - £12

Monday, July 23, 2012

Cambridge, the University Town

CAMBRIDGE ♥    21 July 2012

Nice weather !
A little bit hot ? The real summer in UK :)
Oh noooo, how am I gonna survive in Malaysia ? The weather in Malaysia is way hotter than UK :( 

Another Saturday day trip to Cambridge with Hallam Union.
It took us 3 hours plus to reach Cambridge from Sheffield ! The coach driver stopped at a service centre for a 20 mins toilet break !

Cambridge is most widely known as the home of the University of Cambridge, founded in 1209 and consistently ranked one of the top 5 universities in the world. Cambridge University has 31 colleges, with the best-known college founded in 1441-King's College. 

Cambridge is awesome with all the beautiful majestic and architecture college buildings scattered all around in the city ! Many of the older colleges have peaceful gardens backing into river Cam, known as 'Backs'. Hence, punting at the river Cam is relaxing and fun especially in the nice sunny weather. It is a relaxing way to tour Cambridge !

When we reached Cambridge, we straight away booked our punting tour with the agent !
However, it was so crowded in Cambridge and a lot of people booked the punting tour before us ! We could only go for punting at 430pm ! The punting tour would take approximately 45 mins ! Hence, we thought that it would be possible for us to go for punting before we board the coach at 545pm !

When we went there at 430pm, we couldn't go for punting !!!!!!
This was because the previous punting tours took more than 45 mins and every tour delayed !
The agent apologized and told us that we could only go for punting around 5pm and the tour might take around 1 hour !!!
Hence, we didn't get to go for punting :'( 
How awesome would it be if we could go for punting !!!!!!

The only regret on that day :(

We planned to visit Trinity College and King's College !
Then we saw an Art & Craft Market at Trinity Street ! So we decided to shop for a while :)

You could see a lot of special and artistic stuffs there !
So lovely 

Li Sin got herself an unique chop ! Really very nice !


Then we found Trinity College ! But it was closed on that day, we couldn't visit the college :(
So sad !

Trinity is one of Cambridge University's three royal colleges, along with King's and St John's. In the 20th century, members of Trinity won 31 Nobel Prizes of the 75 won by members of Cambridge University, the highest number of any college !!! 

Outside Trinity College

It was so crowded in Cambridge ! 
When we saw King's College, then only we knew that there was graduation ceremony going on in King's College !!!
That's why we saw people were in their robe when we were walking around in Cambridge !

I could imagine that how proud would the graduates' parents be !!!
" Hello, my son/daughter graduated from King's College !!! " 

However, I think that every parents will be proud of their son/daughter no matter where they graduate from :)

We had our lunch outside King's College.
We thought we would not be able to visit the college anymore but in fact we could !!! :)
Happy !

Fong Yee, Jack & Yu En with the King's College graduates ! 

Yu En , Jack & Fong Yee with their lunch box !

OMG ! The street performer sang in the dustbin ! 

We paid £5 (student price) to visit King's College
We could only visit the King's Chapel and walked around the compound ! 
I thought that we could visit the lecture room or the seminar room or library, but no :(
Or maybe there was a private event (graduation ceremony) going on so we didn't get to go inside ?

King's was founded in 1441 by Henry VI. The building of the college's chapel, begun in 1446, was finally finished in 1544 during the reign of Henry VIII. It took 98 years to build the chapel !!! Wow !!! 
The King's chapel is regarded as one of the greatest examples of late Gothic English architecture !!
I was so lucky to be able to visit King's college and the chapel !

Inside King's chapel 

King's College 

Flat 44 girls :)
It was so sunny !

A famous poem written on by 徐志摩

Then we visited Fitzwilliam Museum !
It is one of Britain's earliest public museums.
The present collections contain: Western European paintings; Egytian, Western Asiatic, Greek and Roman antiquities and many more ! Read more about the museum here 

As all of us couldn't go for punting, then we sat along the river and enjoyed the weather !
But with all the sad faces ! :(

Cambridge is really beautiful and there's a real sense of living history almost everywhere you look ! 
I could see colleges in Cambridge after few steps ! The university and its 31 colleges dominate the centre with atmospheric cobbled courts, chapels, gardens and bridges !!! 

Really love the culture here 
Had a relaxing and lovely Saturday in Cambridge :) 

Costs : 
Hallam Union - £14
King's College entrance fees - £5