Saturday, September 27, 2008


we planned what to do before holidays...
holidays now
i feel that myself is rotting
sooo soooo soooooo s-i-e-n
i have nothing to do during the holidays
except watching the series
yeaa series.. i had finished 2 series in a week
2 hong kong series
and i guess...i'll have nothing to do again in the following week
so.... series AGAIN !!!!!
so SIEN one looo... 24/7 in my room, watch the series
thts why....thts why i have nothing to blog nowadays
sien sien sien sien sien...

2nd sem is just around the corner..
pray hard that i pass all of the subjects
dont know when will get the results..
the results will be posted to my house.. ha-ha..
"anticipating" hurrr..
and i didnt spend my holidays wisely
oh goshh!!!!
sien sien sien sien sien...

okayy.... i know that my blog is getting boring
nothing interesting for me to write
planned to upload some recent photos here
but dont know what happened to blogspot..
failed to add photos

thats all from now..
i think i'll continue with my series again!!
see yaaa

Thursday, September 11, 2008


i'm having my exam now
and yaaaaa
i'm not studying well
i hate exam so muchhhh
i'm gonna take hubungan etnik paper tomorrow morning, 9am-11am
why is it tomorrow ???????
and i hate this subject A LOT !!
i thought i could throw all the malaysia history after spm but....
grrrr.. i dont know what is it talking about..
i mean the hubungan etnik =.=
and i'm here to blog ....

because .....

12/9 is yy's birthday...
i'm here to wish her HAPPY BIRTHDAY YY !!!
i'm not sure whether you get to read this on your birthday or not
because you are in matrix
but i hope you do
i love you so so much =)
take care er kayy
forgot what had happened in matrix
and remember
you have US =D

HAPPY BIRTHDAY once again !!!
all the best to you
see you soon =)