Saturday, August 7, 2010


Showing our love to the unfortunate one..
I feel that I’m very lucky to have family members around me, I should appreciate what I m having now.

We, the members of Management Accounting Society have the chance to visit Beautiful Gate Foundation For The Disabled.
Although they are disabled one, they’re very independent.
They wash their own clothes, have their meals themselves, go to work/school,etc
Sometimes, we’re not as independent as them!!
Yea, I’m lucky..I must learn how to appreciate!!

We helped to clean up their hostels and the compounds,
there are two double stories houses, one for female and another one for male.
There are computer rooms, lifts, classrooms, etc

They are very cheerful,
had fun with them :)
We played some games, We shared our stories and They shared them as well.

I love the youngest girl there (Pei Ying), she is only 4 year old.
She love me as well :)
She love to take photos. hehe
She is the little photographer of the day, but she only take photo for a certain persons!! LOL
She is sooo lovely

One of them said, “When I couldnt find any jobs, I thought of end my life just like that. However, after I believe in God, I’ve the power to continue my life. Then, I found my job!! So, never ever give up!!”

They’re just like normal human beings,
They’re just like us,
They’re independent,
although they’re disabled!!

little photographer of the day :)

she took this pic for me


She also know camwhore XD

Time for sharing

The penangites



A lot more photos at sean’s place!!
Still waiting for the photos!!

Tired, but a new experience for me!
Meaningful day. . .

Friday, August 6, 2010

CIMA Global Business Challenge

Woke up early in the morning.
Gathered at college and here we went to Taylor’s Lake Side University in order to support Malaysia Team!!

Taylor’s is such a beautiful university, how i wish i can study there XD

OKayy, back to CIMA Global Business Challenge.
Fortunately, Tarcian represented Malaysia this year. I’m proud to be a tarcian.
I wish I will have the chance to participate in this event.
Participants came from 14 countries, such as Pakistan, UK, Aus, Singapore, Hong Kong, China, South Africa…
Haha. world class standard presentation last for a day.
However, we were provided with tea, lunch, etc

My friend (Chu Wen) got so excited when she met the handsome guy from UK, haha
and yea, she managed to take photo with him personally..
then, mikael shouted , “I want I want!!!!!!!!!!!”
wow mikael ~~



we managed to take photos with the participants from other countries tooo :):)

IMG_1146                                                      South Africa

IMG_1158                                                           Hong Kong




The results will be out later, showing at TV 2 for live !!! Tune to TV 2 at 830pm and you’ll know who is the champion !!!
All the best for Malaysia !!!

Eric !!! He is the guy who came all the way from his house to Taylor’s and fetched us out for dinner then fetched us back to setapak !!
haha BRO !!
Finally, we could have a taste of Serdang yummy food - “Lak Tong”
Thanks ya !!
We had a most funny night ever, haha XD
Laughed non stop during the journey back to Setapak !! Crazy ~~
Anyway, Thanks Eric :)

Monday, August 2, 2010

New Layout

I just happened to click the "design" when i signed in my blog after sooo long!
haha oh YES! i found this background.
I chose a flowery background at first, but changed to this after a nap.
uh huh? khai hern asked me, "why u love autumn so much? dont u feel sick of the same theme of template already?"
I dont know, just feel comfortable when i read my blog :)

Final exam is just around the corner..
and i m still not prepared yet..
I dont want to say buhbye to my scholarship, i have to motivate myself,
" helloooo, is time for u to study already girl !!!! "
" Dont let ur parents disappointed with u kay??? "
" Dai kor lui lo, have to know the consequences!! "
Jia you!!

and i miss my room
i miss Penang!
going back during this semester break!

i miss u so much!

Monday, May 31, 2010


Third week in KL,
life in KL is not that bad after all.
However, I miss Pg, miss my family so much.
Spending my days here without daddy mummy , brothers and niece, miss them soooo much!!
Have to do all the things by myself, learning how to be independent and many many more. Luckily, i have my kind and helpful housemates with me:)

Anyway, show you all my room in KL. still sweet and homey :)
thanks daddy and mummy for making my life in KL so easy.