Wednesday, February 20, 2008

Mizi Bistro

Went out with my parents this afternoon . I love wednesday a lot because it is my off day =) hahaha. My mum wanted to bring me to New World Park since last few weeks . Finally we went there today . We had our lunch in Mizi Bistro . The western food there is cheap and yummy . And we can have free ice cream there . Wow . So guys , go there to enjoy your meal . hahaha .

my ice lemon tea and mushroom soup

my london fish & chips . yummy =)

my dad with his teriyaki chicken

my mum with her carbonara spagheti

Dad with his free ice cream . Take as many as u can . Self-service . Hahahaha .

I was really full after all . We could'nt finish the carbonara spagheti as I was the only one eating . Because my parents don't like it . Ended up , i felt like vomit because I was too full x.x

Nite out

I went out with my daddy after work . Super duper tired . But still had to go . I am a good girl mer , right ? Keke . Went to downtown there . I don't know what does it called . A CNY fair ? LOL whatever err .
I was like walking into the past . Hahaha .

Lots of people

My daddy =)

The shadow of daddy and I

The Day She Left

VJS ~ vivian , jovy , serene . The 3 of us are bonded together since form 2 . We are just like sisters . Our relationship is so so special . We spend most of the time together . I could still remember that we were not really friend during primary school and form 1 . However , we become really good after all of this .
Study together , hang out together , sleepover and all .
US in o4
Pic before party

We were in jovy's house trying her webcam =)

US in o5

Both of us in Genting Highland

Koko and us during the PMR seminar break

US in o6

Ching Wan Jie Jie , Ivy and us in KL

US in 07

Our OL look =)

the mushroom and the mop .. love this pic a LOT =D

Us in front of redbox

Us before graduation ceremony

Us during the graduation dinner

US in o8

Koko and us . I was working tht time =D

Time flies , everyone beside us is leaving to further their study . Yeaa.. Jovy is going to Australia which is so far from Malaysia . All of us went to airport and sent her off . So sad . I was really sad that time . I used to talk to Jovy face to face , hug her whenever i want to , etc ... and now i can't d . How am I gonna used to it ? I know i have to . I could'nt control and drop my tears .....

Group pic before she left

The minute before she left

There she left Malaysia

I will miss u a LOT .. you know right ? Please don't forget us . I know u won't . Things change but our friendship will still remain . As u said , once a sister , always a sister . Do take care of yourself and miss us everyday =) Love you LOTSSS !!!!!!

Surprise Farewell Party =D

Yeaa the important thing was the preparations for jovy's surprise farewell party . She is currently in Australia d . She kept saying she miss us a lot during CNY and planned to go out with us on 2nd day of CNY . We bluff her that we were not free during that night . YES we do , because of the farewell party . keke =) I had arranged everything before the day with her family . Thanks to papa mama and ivy for helping me .

Yy and I were doing the photo album on CNY eve .

After I reached Penang , Yy and I rushed to queensbay to meet noi . We planned to buy some balloons and cake there . Weng Liang , Chun You joined us after work .

This was the cake we bought that day . Original look . Noi had add something on the cake after that =D

After we had our dinner at Dave's Deli , we headed to jovy's aunt's house around 8pm . We prepared everything there while waiting for the others . We hide our shoes behind the pots , blowed the balloons , left some messages on the card and all . Thanks to jovy's maid for helping me to open the door . Because i always " kak , open the door pleaseee.. " LOL she was like my maid that day . Paise paise .

Jovy's aunt reached there before jovy did. We planned to give her 3 surprises in a short time . Hahaha . Good hurr..
Ohhhh .. Jovy reached d . She was really shocked when saw Yy and I sitting on the sofa . We gave her a hug and gave her the photo album we made for her . After that , we walked to dining room . Others who stayed inside the TV room came out and gave her a big surprise . Jovy kept saying "OHMYGOD OHMYGOD !!!" She was really shocked . The last surprise was from weng liang . We asked him to hide himself behind the curtain before Jovy reached . And that time he walked out from the curtain and gave Jovy a balloon decorated with "flower" . LOL Noi took the cake out for Jovy . She asked her family members why did'nt tell her anything . Yeaaa.. thanks to them . This was meant for surprise =)

After that , we had our talk in the TV room . We were served with beer and coke . LOL
Noi forced Jovy to drink the beer . She was trying to get some help from her mama but failed . =) We asked weng liang to drink for her and he did . keke . We even asked weng liang to feed Jovy the cherry . wakaka =D
We were singing there , GS and Jovy be our pianist .

Jovy was serving us .

She was playing the piano . Talented girl .

Okay Okay . Jovy and Weng Liang . LOL

She was playing my favourite song , "butterfly lover" . She told everyone this song was dedicated to me and gave me a kiss before she played the song. Sweet yet touching .
We continued our talk in Jovy's house because already 2am something d . Too bad not everyone could go to Jovy's house . We talked and ate something in her house until 4am something and they went home d . Yy and I overnight at her house . We stayed up the whole midnight , talking and lotss . In the end , we were lying on the sofa and took a short nap while ivy was with her HK series . I miss the time we spent together ..... I miss you badly,Jovy.........


Sorry guys , I did'nt blog for quite some time d . " Paiseh " hurr..
Okay , Chinese New Year is going to end after tomorrow . My CNY in my dad's hometown , Alor Setar was really bored. My relatives gambled while I was taking photo of them .

My cousin was fooling around there . In the end got scolded by my aunt =)

See See See , my eldest brother was so pro . He is the king of gamble . His hobby during CNY . haha

My 2nd brother same as me , not the gambling kaki ... This pic jz made me laugh out loud =) wakaka hope he does'nt see this . =D

My mummy and my cousins were playing the Mahjong which i don't know how to play also .

That is why i was so bored over there. Everyone busy with their own business . LOL I went to Sungai Petani on the 2nd day of CNY . We stayed there for about half an hour only , because there was a more important thing waiting for me in Penang . =) hahahaha.