Friday, February 6, 2009

Er Ge's Wedding (3) : Wedding Dinner

The wedding dinner was on 4/1 and the venue was "de2 jiao4 hui4" ( in chinese ) ,
i forgot what does it called in english already =/
anyway, we went to take family pics at santia before we went to the dinner place
everyone of us were busy dress up for that day, the big day for my brother
we reached there earlier. as the sister of the groom, i helped to guide the guests to their respective tables. however, i talked to my mum and jovy outside the hall more. keke
i met my long time no see cousins, aunts, uncles, dad's friends, mum's friends, etc...
thats why i talked more than did my job :)
of course, we didnt miss out photo session, kept posing :)

the decoration is so nice

the receptionist

the bride
i love her hair so much :)

the bride and her mum

the bride and my mum
both "lai lai" (in cantonese)
red & purple combination

eldest brother, dai sou and mum

mum and i

the girls :)

mum, me, yy's sis, jovy

eldest brother and his daughter, yu en
she is super cute rite??

as i said i will post more of his pic, here it is =)
he was not in the mood to take photo but stil so cute

he looks so so smart here :)
the wedding march

prouly present the lovely wedding couple

hand in hand, cutting the cake

second set of the wedding gaun

notice the cute outfit for the bottle of red wine :)

that was the time everyone shouting "yaammmmm seennngggg"


let introduce the singer of the day , my dad :)
mai siao siao,
he is teaching singing and judge for some singing contests

some of the guests got high and danced on the stage
so high !!

my niece also dancing there too X)

time to say goodbye and thanks to the guests

we took some photos before went home :)
me, jovy, ivy, kh

wedding couples with the family

another pair of lovely couples here

me and the wedding couples

the two pairs of couples in my family :)

lastly, the big family of mine

Everyone of us were so tired after er ge's wedding,
but we felt so happy
the preparation for er ge's wedding took a period of time
and the wedding just ended in 2 days, thats fast
one more family member already,
my family members are getting more and more :)

Thursday, February 5, 2009

Er Ge's Wedding (2) : Wedding Day

Thats right. I promised to update soon one right?? so here i am
3/1 , the wedding day. it was all the traditional stuffs
"yam cha, give ang pao, chim pang, etc"
i woke up early in the morning to get everything done, but it wont be as early as the bride la of course. she got to wake up super super early to go santia for the make up and all, super tiring rite? i wonder how will be my wedding go =) haha.. okayy..okayy.. i just say only err.. keke
and of course my er ge got to prepare and dress up a bit laaaa..honestly la.. he looks handsome la..
let the pictures tell the story

reached santia around 720am

the beautiful hand bouquet

On my brother's side, my parents and er ge walked down from the room.
There was the time to fetch the bride to my house, and jovy and i followed my brother to bride's house.
and my house was packed with all my relatives =)

Once we reached the bride's home, bride's nephew opened the car door for er ge. hmmmm traditional laaa.. the bride's nephew is so so super chubby one.. he looks like the mattew, the baby in "bao bei ji hua", you will see more of his pics one, cz i super like him. =)

jovy and i ( da hong da zi )

er ge and his heng dai

It was the time for my brother to take the challenge XD
they were Q-ing at the staircase, waiting for bride's ji mui to question them
it was not really question la.. i dunno what that called..

1st : drink egg with tea

2nd : drink egg

3rd : Pick out which one is the bride's lipstick

After all of these, the guys couldnt tahan d la.. haha..
caught the chance and ..........

ya like this XD
and the ji mui tried their best to stop the heng dai from going in first
but... failed

yaaa.. er ge and those heng dai got in the bride's room =)

and the groom planted a kiss on the bride's cheek

yam cha

pretty and handsome, right ??

time for er ge to give ang pao d

the bride's family

the wedding couple and friends

After that, backed to my house
daddy mummy were waiting their daughter-in-law =)

exchanging the rings

sweet leeee

yam cha

the time where i shouted " thanks , er sao!! " and got my ang pao while carrying my niece

family pic

big family pic

After that , all of us went to er ge's house
one more procedure to go, thts "chim pang" haha

loving couples

they said :"bye!! dont disturb!!"
yeaa laa.. dont disturb so they can rest, because the next day will be their wedding dinner
i will blog about wedding dinner soon !!!
see you :)