Friday, July 3, 2009

ACCA Conference

Exactly one week from now.
I can still remember the campfire ended at this time,
then we went to party ourselves at the canteen....

Yeaaa..I joined the ACCA Conference organized by Tarc last weekends.
The venue for the conference is Training & Recreational Centre in Rawang, Selangor.
We started our journey on last Friday night.
The Tarcian from Penang Branch reached there super duper early,
then we had to wait there for a few hours.

The activity started with the usual ice breaking.
We went for a forum after that.
I got more information about the ACCA and accounting.
It really made me doubt with my decision for choosing accounting course =/
we had fun after lunch.
We had to bargain with the staffs from KPMG
in order to buy the materials for building a house.
It was just like a real business.
Besides that, it tested on our team working.
And guess what , our team won the first prize and we got hamper!! =D
After dinner,
we had a small campfire there...
Our group was lucky enough to pick a title of "Britain Got Talent"
and we had to perform it =)
It was tiring but we enjoyed.
We share out the food inside the hamper after campfire,
means we party after that lu.
We even yam seng because there was a Champaign inside X)

Woke up early in the morning,
we had a telematch before closing ceremony.
It was real fun laa.
Although our group didnt receive any overal prizes,
I'm really happy to know my group friends from other Tarc Branches.

Photo taken with our lecturer before leaving.
manage to spot out our lecturer??

guat pheng , ee leng
I'm lucky enough to be the same group with guat pheng;
and same room with both of them =)

thats our house - Survival
we put in a lot of effort to build the house!!
hard work~

us, with our hamper =)

guat pheng. khai hern. me. ee leng.
with the fan made by ee leng and ting ern.

The place, accomodation and food there were really nice!!!
Everything was just nice,
we were just like having holidays there =)
However, we did learn something la..

the swimming pool
it was just outside my room
nice view, right?

we stayed in the middle of jungle,
thats true!!

me. ee leng.
took photo on ee leng's bed XD

you really can see FIRE there la.

the day before leaving,
I took this photo with my bed

my roommate from Perak

guat pheng. ee leng

we three

We took some group pics before leaving

Group 7 !!

this pic was taken in the canteen



It was an unforgetful conference
Hope to see you all in the future =)