Monday, December 15, 2008


Just a short post about JS , too bad V is not in penang now. but she's coming back soon =)
we can do every single stuffs together as usual, shopping, sleepover, etc !!!
i just cant wait for the day
JS just did a night shopping in queens while waiting for the guys to go buy Bbq stuffs
yay. we had a Bbq party last saturday at kh's house.
we did some cam-whored in fitting room as usual =D
girls !!! ~~

waiting for V
we miss you =)

Saturday, December 6, 2008

Happy Birthday Mummy !!!

Happy Birthday , MUMMY !!
today (6/12) is my mummy's birthday and jovy arrived penang yesterday.
i overnight at her house yesterday and i supposed to learn how to bake a cake for my mummy
but, end up i was just standing there and looking at papa and the mixture XD
papa was the one who actually baked the butter cake er
and mama helped to pack up
it is really yummy !! thanks thanks thanks !!!!!!!

Jovy was following me backed to my house
and we gave mummy a surprise by bringing the cake into my house =D
sweet leeee , right ??
too bad i havent get the photo of cake cutting from jovy yet
will post it when i get it
After that, mummy and i went shopping !!
haha.. girls~

We had family dinner at a restaurant somewhere in Taman Pekaka
the food there was really nice and so everyone of us ate a lot =)
and of course, this year with my niece-Yu En. keke and my nephew-Yi Wei too (consider as my nephew la)
there are more fun during the dinner

we asked yi wei to sayang yu en but he was so so so so so shy errrr
haha and so quiet but my niece was so "talkative" there
she was really happy at that time

"sayang her laaaa!!"
he was so shy

finally =) but he was not smiling . haha

sweeeeeet =)

Family pic

Another surprise was waiting for my mummy
my brothers bought OSIM Max Relax for my mummy
nice le nice le...
we tried it out once she got it XD
of course, mummy was the first one to try

seeeee, how comfortable was she !!!!

and of course, MY turn !!!

lastly, my eldest bro. haha. if he saw this photo, he will kill me for sure XD

Happy Birthday Mummy once again !!
we loveee you mum !!!

Tuesday, December 2, 2008

more and more !!

yupee more and more about my cute little niece. she is our honey. haha
she brings a lot of joy and happiness to our family
she smiles , she talks , she shouts , she cries , and etc
my daddy sayang her a lot looo
my 2nd bro who i mentioned in my previous post, brought his canon camera to my house just to snap few of our honey's pics XD
nahh, before he manage to post the pics to his flickr, i would like to post some here

stim stim er face (my 2nd bro's cap)

Monday, November 24, 2008

Announcement !!!


my 2nd brother asked me to promote his flikr
as a good and kind sister, i will help him to promote his my flikr
he likes to take photo with his super high tech canon camera,
of course, i dont know the model of his camera XD
he likes to bring his camera around,
like to take potrait and scenery photo
and yeaaa,
maybe i shall be his model right ? haha
you guys can check out the photo or from my link =)
pleaseee support him .. haha

Tuesday, October 28, 2008

Happy Birthday , J

This is a post that dedicated for Jovy :
now is 12am in aussie
is Ms Jovy Chou Zhao Wei's birthday
she is turning 18 now !!! wowww.. haha
and we did a birthday card for her , posted to australia
we were so wusim right ?? keke

love you so so much =)
miss you lotsssSss too

before that,
V wanted me to wish you Happy Birthday too

VJS forever =)

Sunday, October 26, 2008

The Four

haha i'm so in love with this series
okayy laaa.. i'm always get addicted to series one
taiwan series, hong kong series, korea series........
but currently i'm soooooooooooo in love with hong kong series laaaa..
especially THE FOUR
haha... 4 handsome guys woorrrrr...
Raymond Lam , Ma Guo Ming , Ron , Sammul !!!
haha.. i just finished watching this series and this is soooOOOOoooo NICE !!
i watched the last episod for two times.
it was sooo touching when comes to the relationship among the four actors in the series
they are so heng dai in this series ... keke
so horrr.. this is a nice nice nice series..
okayy la.. i know i'm a bit over reacting laaa.. XD

they are so yeng right??? haha
go watch laaa. XD

Friday, October 24, 2008

my niece

i didnt talk about my cute cute niece in my blog for a long time already
she is 5 months old now, and yeaa she is getting cuter and cuter
i so tak boleh tahan with her err .. haha
everytime i call her, she will smile at me
everytime i talk to her, she will "talk" to me too, although i dunno what is she talking about XD
she will just "ha" "ha" "ha" with me
lol cute right?
okayy la i know it was quite stupid, but still i love to play with her
as usual, i played with her today.. and i was already in pyjamas.. LOL
however, i still want to post some of the pics up because i like it =)

i like this pic the most XD

she is cute right?? haha

Monday, October 20, 2008

It just happened

Yeaaa.. something happened ..
It was so so so unexpected !! my god
okayy.. it was just happened few days ago
My friend who hasnt been seen me for .. umm like 8 years could recognize me through my blog
he told me that he was just so random and visited my blog one day
haha.. that was so ridiculous, but it just happened.

Below are part of our conversation :
"Are you from srjkc foon yew 4?"
"Yes i was. who are u?"
"Tan Yong Sin"

In case someone dunno. i was transfered to JB from penang then backed to penang again when i was 10.
and this guy who was my primary school friend in JB could recognize me !!!! haha
my long lost friend.
he gave me other friends' contacts. *winkx*
it was really good to get in contact with them
how lucky am i to get back the contacts of my JB friends =)
i felt so so so happy
and both of us chat for a long time through msn
keke happy hur
honestly, i miss the time in JB, my childhood time worrr.. who doesnt miss their childhood time?
i wish to visit JB again..but just, no time... too bad =(
hope to see you guys soon..

byee !!

Sunday, October 5, 2008

Bye bye , sem break !!

say BYE to sem break
and HELLOOO to studies, homework, assignments, etc

back to the study life
2 weeks of holidays is really not enough laaa
but i will continue rotting if the holidays continue HAHA
the timetable for sem 2 is much more better than sem 1
most of my class till 1pm or 2pm, the latest is 430pm
but i have to wake up early laaaaa =.=
however, no class on sat is really SOOOO GOOD =D

good luck everyone
and good luck to me =)

*results is out on 18/10, blesss me =)

Friday, October 3, 2008

Another gathering

Finally, i've done some so called productive thing during my holidays =)
we went to redbox on tuesday.. yeaaa it was really good to spend some time there singing and fooling around with friends there..
we didnt care it is out of pitch or did some sia sui stuff.. cz we know each other like for years, so who cares that much?? haha thats was really fun.. i miss the time we had spent together
but why always cant make it 9 for the gathering ?? =(
ee leng, guat pheng, yoong liang and i went to food court while waiting for sai ye and yunying fetched yee hoong from college.. she was the princess of the day laa
and that sai ye got her new car.. damn lucky !!!

after ee leng, guat pheng and yoong liang left gurney, 4 of us headed to queensbay
ha-ha..and then yy and i met BBB with someone.. okayy la.. he didnt want to intro us yet.. hmph! 4 of us had our dinner at Kenny Rogers, we spent almost 2hrs there, eat and talk =D
yoong liang curi tulang , joined us for dinner as she supposed to work in Origin
yeaaa.. we know that we're more important !!!

yunying and me

yoong liang, ee leng, guat pheng

sai ye, the usual her =)

love this pic, althou it is dark

group pic =)

okayy, this was really stupid.. haha

at food court, yee hoong was there d

kenny rogers.. too sienn d XD

busy eating

love ALL of you =D