Wednesday, October 28, 2015

BeautyFM 1 month+

Time flies. 
This 1 month has been a hectic 1 month for me. Working full time plus looking after a business is challenging, especially when least people know about BeautyFM.

I am still at the learning stage, learn how to run a business, how to sell the ideas and products to the market. 
I always admire the young women entrepreneurs, they have the vision & courage. Admire how they step out from their comfort zone and venture into a business world! 

We do have a very good idea, we want BeautyFM to become a platform of sharing beauty tips and selling quality products that we carefully sourced from Korea & Taiwan.
I believe I can fly~
BeautyFM is like our baby and we want it grow up and big! One day, everyone will know BeautyFM :)

Sunday, September 20, 2015

New Journey - Milestone Achieved

It has been a long time since my last blog...... But I just want to blog one of the significant days in my life - 20th September 2015

Never stop dreaming - dream is not a dream when you take action!
I always want to start an online business since when I was studying in TARC or even Sheffield. Today, marked the day where my dream came true, but I know that it is a tough journey ahead of me!

Keep it up and I know I can make it with my partners :)

20th September 2015 - go live! YEAH!
The start of our entrepreneurship  #beautyfm