Saturday, June 28, 2008

I can drive !!!

i fetched yunying, khai hern and woei chyuan yesterday to quenss. this proved that i could drive without my dad sitting beside me anymore. woah!! this was my first time to drive alone with my slk (small little kancil) , thats what zheng ying said. he gave a name for my car x)

i look so serious when driving hur..ha-ha

on my way to fetch kh and wc

reached queens safely after i fetched kh and wc. my skill is okay one er.. no worries =) i'm a good driver mer. zheng ying joined us and we watched "Get Smart" . nice movie. this is a must watch movie. after the movie, we went to have dinner at a restaurant which is opposite queens.

i have no idea what is he thinking about XD

what is he eating ?? =)

yunying stayed over at my house after that. it is been a long time we never sleep together d err.. i'm gonna miss you d =)
and counting down.. ONE more day and i'm gonna meet zhaowei d !!! ohmygod.. miss you a lot.. see you SOON !!!

Friday, June 27, 2008

my niece

I'm here to blog about my niece. her name is yu en. My niece got her hair cut this morning as tomorrow is her one month celebration. one month already. thts really fast hurr. and which means that she will back to my house tomorrow. =D

my mum and her grand daughter x)

her hair is so similar to my bro, her dad lu. she has natural coco-coloured hair..envy hurr..

and now... bald !! she looks like a little monk.. ha-ha.. but still so cute and adorable..

and .. i'm going to fetch yy and kh to queens later with my kancil. this is my first time to drive without my dad beside me. woah~!! steady la.. i m a good driver right ? dont worry... ha-ha

Thursday, June 26, 2008

Backed to Secondary School

Backed to my secondary school after class. surprisingly, with kh and ting ern. x) because ting ern need to fetch his sis from school. it was kind of weird when the two guys walked into a girls' school. luckily that was teachers' day celebration in the hall. lesser students in the school compound.
here i brought them to "discover" the pcghs. we were like the theives as we couldnt let the teachers caught us, right ? you girls know about pcghs rules. ha-ha it is just like no guys are allowed in the school compound

ting ern at the corridor x)

walking walking and walking

he found a beautiful flower.

tired after discovering my ex-school

spot the sleeping buddha in pcghs...or the sleeping beauty ?? lol XD

and finally us

pics taken continuosly by ourselves. us posing 1




yeaa i know this is funny .. ha-ha .. but our zi pai skill is not that good after all .. lol finally a proper pics was taken by ting ern's sis

ting ern and his sis

We went home after that. On the way out of pcghs, i had spoken a word in hokkien INCORRECTLY until kh stick to the wall there. ha-ha.. i know my hokkien is not good, working hard on it er.. improve A LoT already =D

taking my own risk to take this pic x)

Saturday, June 21, 2008

Gathering (tuition)

we had a gathering at sir's house. he was our add maths and physics tutor. seriously, he is a very VeRy gOoD teacher. he always give us extra tuition and we always have fun while tuition. besides, all of us are really close with each other.

time for UNO and jia xin was watching "Alvin & the Chipmunks"

omar, sir, daniel

ummm what to say? lol you're lucky la daniel XD

daniel & me

omar & jiaxin.

us =)

after that, jiaxin fetched us to Nasi Kandar Kayu to have supper.

jiaxin with her big size of roti tisu

we backed to sir's house after supper. and ji qin came after some time.

jiaxin & daniel.

us. testing out their strength. x)

Time for UNO a-g-a-i-n... lol

once again,'re lucky.. lol

group pics before we went home =)

hope to see all of you again ... take care =)


yeaa.. modelling.. but i was not the model today. the model of the day was my sister-in-law. she went to try out the dresses for photo shooting. great hurr.

here it comes the model --

she tried on lots of dresses.. all were very pretty..
but i just post up some of them..
and what a guy will do while waiting for a girl to try out clothes ??
sitting there....

or took photo with his sis, thats me x)

or took photo for his sis xD

after 3 hours plus... what left was just the mess.. lol