Wednesday, January 30, 2008

Nite Out 250108

I went for car theory that day . 3 hours theory became 1 and 1/2 hours theory . The lecturer late for half an hour , let us break for one hour . It is okay , really okay .. but i was really unlucky that day as the air conditioner there spoil d , no fan no air cond .. super duper hot !!! Just like having sona there x.x

I went to Queensbay to meet up jovy that night . We bought something there then we met up with ts . We found a place , Starbucks and had a talk there till 1030pm .

Jovy and I in the toilet

Jovy and I in Starbucks . Thanks to the camera man hur =)

Ts and I

Jovy , Ts and me .

Jovy and Ts

Wednesday, January 16, 2008

miss you .. Yy

This is my 1st post in 2008 and it is about our beloved friend , Yy . Sorry guys for not update my blog cz i am now working in queensbay padini . keke . Tiring work , haveta stand for 9 hours there , no handphone , no chairs and all . LOL
The " Gang of 5 " except GS , jovy and I were doing a card for Yy who is stil in National Service now . A handmade card o ! Stil remember the day she left penang , we cried . And now she is in the camp for about 2 weeks d . So glad that she called me last friday , she is still in one piece ~ She is always a tough girl . LOL guess she wil be reli touched when receive dis card but we havent send da card yet . Havent done yet also . Keke . And she is coming back during CNY d .
We took some pics to send her so she can see us when she miss us . LOL
Noi , the one who suggested about rainbow colour shirt . Hence , 6 of us wore the rainbow colour shirt and met up at Sri Nibong Padang in the morning . Thanks to Zhe Kang who willing to help us to take the photo that day . Hahaha .

We are waiting for you , Yy . The empty space is for you to fill up .

Nice pic rite ? This was noi's idea . Hahaha . We lied on the grass , looking at the sky . We couldnt open our eyes cz too bright d . LOL we are just like dreaming for something in this photo . May be dreaming of Yy err . keke

The edited photo . Waiting for you .......

When the time Yy and Gs back from camp , jovy is already in Australia d . One back one go , BUT i am sure about one thing , we will miss jovy a lot .. A LOT !! VJS forever errr ..