Thursday, May 21, 2009

Web Dating

Random? Crazy? Stupid?
Whatever you call XD
Finally I've something to blog,
and it is 3am plus plus now
I'm still quite awake and fooling around with Yy thru webcam
I wanted to see her new hairstyle and so , we started webcam-ing
Out of a sudden,
she said , "Lets take some pics!!!"
And we started to take photos
That was really FUN!!
We took a lot of pics , A LOT!!
with our funny, weird poses..with the webcam effects..etc
When Yy wanted to send me those pics,
she was having some problem to search all the pics taken
she didnt know where the files go.......
and she told me
" Damn it!! I think I didnt save the pics!!! "
so sad
So, we started to take pics again. haha
but the pics we took were much more lesser than the first time already
tired of posing~

Yy was posing with her new hairstyle
woohoooo XD

ghost??? lol

jovy, remember the pen u gave me??

tired -.-

cats?? lol

at first, I forgot to post up this pic
and yy said " how can you!! "
yea how can me!!
I purposely posed with the mug~
haha VJS mug
very sweet mug we have
keke love it so much

Yy asked me to update my blog before she goes to sleep
in order to let her sleep earlier.. hmmm
sleep faster,
I would like to stop here
and I'm going to sleep too d
It is SOOOOO late now
my panda eyes prob is getting serious hurrr
I'm sure I wont have enought sleep during this weekends also
time to sleep

Wednesday, May 13, 2009


Exercise!! Exercise!! Exercise!!
I kept on reminding myself go exercise
and yaa, I did it today and day before yesterday.
not bad hurrr =)
we played badminton at Putra Place on monday and at CRC today
besides playing badminton,
there was a surprise birthday planning going on =)
special rightt??
Birthday celebration after exercise. haha
Actually, we had a super early birthday celebration for her due to some reasons la
Anyway, I think she was happy laa =D
and she will not forget it in the future.

the so called umpire of the day
hoohoohooo x)
Guess what??
we sang Happy Birthday song to her in the carpark
Told you,
that was special XD
kh and I went to the carpark and got everything ready first,
we put the cake on kh's dearest civic =)
and waited others to come down.
when everyone was there,
we started to sing the Birthday song in the carpark
we moved to the CRC cafe.

the cake

birthday girl-karyn

the traditional thing XD

card giving ceremony. lol

showing us the handmade card

ee leng, me, karyn, vivian

group pic =)

Credit to ee leng
she did it all by herself
the handmade card.
pretty rite???
super warmth and wusim er card =)

hope you enjoy today
hope you enjoy on your birthday
may all your dreams come true

Sunday, May 10, 2009


Usually, we will have family dinner during this special day
However, we had family lunch this year =)
we went to Kim Gary and enjoyed our lunch there
why Kim Gary??
because of the 50% discount on Mothers' Day . lol

We went to the health fair in queens after lunch.
we did free health test there =)
This test showed that I'm healthy !!! haha
okayy la.. not really..
I'm underweight, but who cares ?? keke

My 2nd brothers kept telling me that his body age is 10 years younger than his actual age!!!
and even my parents' body age is few years younger than their actual age.
He teased me for a few times as my body age is equal to my actual age!!
So what??
This is good right??? Balance maahh..

eldest brother and dai sou with their little cute daughter

little baby also will emo hur X)

captured this when my 2nd brother was doing the health test

Then we went to my 2nd brother's condo in the evening
My eldest brothers wanted to go swimming with his daughter
And I was the photographer =)
This photographer was so blur until she forgot that she put her purse inside dai sou's bag.
When she got into her brother's house and found that the purse was not with her
She got so nervous and searched around the house, ran down to the pool side, searched the car...
but she couldnt find it !!!
Finally, she found it in her dai sou's bag !!!
okayyy.. that was me la!! as blur as always XD

yu en, brother, dai sou

playing water =D

I'm gonna record down the historical thing here
This was my first time to eat what my 2nd brother cook
WOoOOooHoooOoo !!!
He cooked my faourite dishes-kiam bui (hokkien) today,
This was his favourite too =)
But, he cooked halal kiam bui today =.=
It was still so nice la brother,
cook more often next time and ask me go eat kay??? keke

2nd brother

kiam bui =)

niece and me
looks like her fingers are so yummy hur

2nd brother and yu en

Did you notice a weird thing???
Mothers' Day but dont have my lovely mummy's pics ???
I also dont know why. lol
looks like Yu En was the main character today
Told you,
we sayang her a lot =)

Once again
HAPPY MOTHERS' DAY , mummy !!!
Stay healthy, Stay pretty and Stay Happy !!!
Love you

KL trip '09

"Hey st, do u want to go to KL tomorrow???"
"what?? tomorrow??"
"YEA!! tomorrow. going there with my alex koko"

KL , here I go !!
Same as vivian,
I've been there for 5 days (4/5-9/5) with vivian and we went to a few shopping malls.
The Curve, Mid Valley, KLCC, Pavilion, Sg Wang and One Utama
We watched 3 movies out of the 5 days in KL,

The Sniper , X-men , Star Trek
and I love love love Star Trek !!! It is a super nice movie !!!
haha I couldnt understand the story until Vivian explained to me X)
However, I still love it !!
Go to watch this movie , guys =)

Big thanks to Vivian's koko for the hospitality given.
He was so kind enough to teach us how to go the place we wanted to go,

or fetched us there,
following him here and there make me love his job =)
I could see the shadow of my daddy-the business man
and I love Nikko !!

Thanks to Ching Wan Jie Jie for the lunch treat at Sakae Sushi, KLCC
Thanks a lot !!!!!!

The Curve

trying clothes at Kitschen

Mid Valley

was waiting for the komuter
and suddenly the officer told us that the komuter would not arrive there even we wait for 3 days. this means that we was waiting at the wrong place X)

Vivian , in my sunglasses :)

Lunch at Yoshinoya

cinema in mid valley
we watched "The Sniper" there

KLCC + Pavilion + Sg Wang

vain-ing at Bossini , Pavilion

"adorable" J co's baby donuts
both of us couldnt finish all
and yeaaaa
it was so torture !!!

vivian (above pic) and I
at Bintang Walk
notice the Polis Trafic behind???

Pavilion + Sg Wang

Lunch at Pavilion
I'm greedy , am I ?

vain inside the toilet X)

One Utama

This restaurant served cheap & yummy pasta and pizza

My Cabonara

Vivian's pasta
I forgot what it called already

Vivian was trying out formal wear at Nichii
while I was kacau-ing her =D

while waiting for Vivian at Nichii

as Vivian said,
my latest artwork XD

roommates for 5 days
It was so so so FUN !!!!!!